Existing link gets removed but new parent and child link is not created

Feb 24, 2014 at 1:08 PM
Let’s have a scenario where PBI is linked to Task via “implemented by” link type and the Task is linked to “Team Sprint” as “Child” link type. Now I try to convert relation between PBI and Task from “Implemented by” to “Parent and Child” link type and because “Task” already has “Team Sprint” as it’s “Parent”, it does not allow PBI to be added as “Parent”. This is understandable because Task can’t have two separate parents as per TFS 2012 rules.

Now, the problem is that WiMorphing application is removing “Implemented By” link type between “PBI” and “Task” >>> Saves the record >>> then it tries to re-create “Parent and Child” link between “PBI” and “Task” and at that stage, it fails. This leaves the PBI record without that given Task linked to it.

It will be better to try and add “Parent and Child” link to the Task first and if it fails then do not remove the existing “Implemented By” link between them. At this stage, throw an error and move to the next record.

In the current situation, because that “Implemented By” link has already been removed between PBI and TASK, it does not allow user to re-use WiMorphing for processing those records again. User have to find such Workitems ID from the log file that gets generated via WIMorphing tool and they have to update such records by hand.

For some small project this becomes trivial task but for some large projects it leaves WiMorphing user to do a lot of manual work if data in the TFS Project is not set according to how they should be.